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Folic Acid Active

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Why take folate or folic acid?

Getting pregnant and being pregnant is a miraculous thing, and Folic Acid Active is here to support you. With Folic Acid Active you are assured of the optimal support for both you and your future baby. Folic Acid Active is more than just a supplement; it is your daily habit in this exciting time, ensuring that you get the essential nutrients that are crucial for the health and development of your baby. Choose Folic Acid Active and take the first step towards a healthy and joyful pregnancy!

  • Support before and during pregnancy: with 400 mcg of Folate for good prenatal care before and during your pregnancy.
  • Important for the baby's development
  • It helps in reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • With 400 mcg Quatrefolic®; the most absorbable active form of folate

What is folic acid good for?

Discover folic acid! This essential vitamin is of great value for your overall health and well-being. Folic acid, or vitamin B11, is a key player in normal amino acid synthesis, which is fundamental for the growth and maintenance of your body cells. It also supports the normal formation of red blood cells, enabling your body to transport oxygen efficiently and keeping your energy level up. Moreover, folic acid plays a crucial role in the cell division process, which is important for both everyday bodily functions and special moments like pregnancy.
But that's not all! Folate also contributes to a normal metabolism of homocysteine, an important factor in heart health. It also supports the normal functioning of the immune system, making your body more resistant to external influences. On a mental level, folate contributes to normal psychological function, meaning it helps you feel mentally sharp and balanced. And if you ever feel tired or exhausted, know that folic acid helps in reducing fatigue and tiredness, allowing you to live life with full energy and vitality.

Folic acid supplementation for (prospective) mothers

For expectant mothers, folic acid is very important as it contributes to tissue growth during pregnancy, ensuring a healthy development of the baby. An adequate intake of folate is essential for women of childbearing age, especially when planning a pregnancy. Supplementation with Folic Acid Active, Quatrefolic® 400 mcg, increases the mother's folate status. This is crucial, as a low folate status in the mother is a known risk factor for the development of neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, in the developing fetus. Therefore, it is recommended that women who want to become pregnant or who are pregnant take a daily supplement with at least 400 µg of folic acid. For optimal benefit, it is advised to start this supplementation at least one month before conception and continue it for at least three months after conception. Folic Acid Active provides the exact recommended dosage in its most bio-active form, ensuring that expectant mothers receive the best possible support during this exciting phase of pregnancy planning and early pregnancy.  

What is the difference between folate and folic acid?

Folate and folic acid might seem similar, but there is a significant difference that is important for your health and that of your baby. Folate is the natural form of vitamin B11, as found in food and can be directly used by the body. Folic acid, on the other hand, is the synthetic form of this vitamin, often added to foods and supplements. 

Why Quatrefolic® is unique?

Although both forms ultimately fulfill the same vital functions in the body, folic acid must first be converted into the active form of folate to be used. This conversion process is not equally efficient in everyone, especially not in people with the MTHFR polymorphism. Quatrefolic® provides folate in its active form, (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, making it directly available for use by the body, without the need for conversion. This makes Quatrefolic® the best choice for those who want to maximize the benefits of folate without worrying about the conversion process.

Can you have a folic acid deficiency?

There are specific circumstances and life stages where the need for folic acid increases. This is particularly true for women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, as folic acid plays a key role in the development of the fetus. People who do not regularly consume folic acid-rich food such as dark green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits may also have an increased need for this vitamin. Elderly individuals and those with certain lifestyle choices that may affect nutrient absorption could also benefit from extra folic acid. Using a supplement like Folic Acid Active can help meet these increased needs and support an optimal folate status.

Which foods contain a lot of folate?

Natural sources of folate include dark green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, beans, peas, and whole grains. However, for many people, it's difficult to get enough folic acid through diet alone, making supplementation a good option.

Item code: GN-647
EAN code: 8719323302143
Contents 90 vegan tablets
Composition per daily dose (= 1 tablet): %RI
Folic Acid (folate/vitamin B11)
(5-MTHF glucosamine salt, Quatrefolic®)
400 µg 200

RI: Reference Intake
µg = mcg

filler (microcrystalline cellulose), anti-caking agents (vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide), vitamin B11 (5-MTHF glucosamine salt, Quatrefolic®).
Free from
celery, crustaceans and molluscs, egg, fish, gluten-containing grains, lupine, milk (including lactose), mustard, nuts, peanut, sesame seed, soy, sulfite

This nutritional supplement is not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Use and dosage
Take 1 tablet once a day with a meal.

Start taking Folic Acid Active as soon as your pregnancy planning starts and continue taking it daily throughout pregnancy, or follow the advice of your healthcare provider. As far as is known, this dietary supplement can be used in combination with medicines. Suitable if you wish to have children, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.
Storage advice
Keep cool, dry and closed. Keep out of reach of young children.
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