FAQ’s Golden Naturals

Why are Golden Naturals supplements in a plastic jar and not a glass jar?

The material Golden Naturals uses is sturdy enough to guarantee the quality and shelf life of our products. Moreover, it is extremely lightweight. Thanks to the light material, we can transport the supplements more efficiently than in glass. In practice, this means less transport costs and resources and less fuel.

The advantage of glass is that it is easy to recycle at first glance. However, it is also heavy and fragile material. Moreover, a jar never consists entirely of glass because a plastic or aluminum lid is always required to close it properly.

What is the recommended daily dose for the supplements?

You can find the recommended daily amount on the label. All Golden Naturals products are carefully composed and meet the requirements as set by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). This also applies to the legally permitted maximum (daily) dosages of ingredients in our supplements. Of course, it is important that you do not exceed the recommended daily amount on the label. If you are being treated by a doctor or health professional, we recommend that you determine your individual needs in consultation.

Why are the Golden Naturals supplements dosed higher than the recommended daily amounts in European legislation?

In the Netherlands, nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are based on Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA). However, there may be situations, such as a very busy period, intensive exercise or pregnancy, in which you consume more nutrients. The RDA value may then be insufficient. In order to keep feeling healthy and fit in these situations and to be able to continue to perform well, we use optimal dosage amounts (ODHs) in our products. These are higher doses that can also provide sufficient support during periods of increased need.

I see the abbreviation DRI on the packaging of Golden Naturals products. What is the difference between ADH and DRI?

The abbreviation DRI stands for Daily Reference Intake. ADH stands for Recommended Daily Allowance. In fact, ADH is the predecessor of DRI; they both mean the same thing. DRIs are guidelines set by the European Commission. These guidelines only apply to vitamins and minerals and therefore do not apply to herbs, for example. The DRI is always expressed in percentages (%).

Can I combine Golden Naturals supplements with medicines?

We always state on our labels and packaging when a product may not be used in combination with certain medicines. Always check the instructions for use before purchasing. In any case, it is wise to consult a doctor or health professional before using supplements in the event of a child, pregnancy and / or breastfeeding, illness or medication. It is important to determine your individual needs in consultation.

Can supplements deteriorate during storage?

All our supplements have an expiration date on the label. The quality is guaranteed during this period, provided you also store the product according to storage advice (cool, dry and dark). Never keep your supplements in a humid environment, but in a cool, dark place, such as a kitchen cupboard (not in the refrigerator, unless explicitly stated on the label).

Why does urine often have a bright yellow color after taking a vitamin B complex or a multivitamin supplement?

The water-soluble vitamins are vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B11 (folic acid) and B12 and vitamin C. These vitamins are mainly found in the moisture in foods. Our body cannot properly store these water-soluble vitamins (with the exception of vitamin B12); the excess leaves the body through the urine. This effect is clearly visible with riboflavin (vitamin B2), which itself has an intense yellow color. This gives your urine a brighter yellow color. Do not worry; this effect is normal.

I have problems swallowing (large) capsules and tablets, what should I do?

In principle, you can open all capsules without any problems. You can then mix the content with (liquid) food, such as yogurt or something else that is well mixable, and take it. Large tablets can usually be easily broken in half and taken in two times thanks to the 'break line' in the middle.

When is the best time to take my (multi) vitamin preparation?

For optimal absorption of your multivitamin preparation, it is best to take the capsule or tablet during a meal.