Innovation at Golden Naturals

Idea> Concept> Product development
At Golden Naturals we continuously enrich our range with qualitative and relevant products. We do this all by ourselves: therapist and former chemist Jan-Dirk Troost is a product developer at Golden Naturals. His therapeutic background and extensive experience in the drugstore world come in handy.

You can learn to innovate
Innovation is key: we launch new products every year and adjust our existing range if necessary. So that it always meets current standards and consumer demand. We use ingredients approved by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and add branded ingredients: precious and clinically proven bioactive substances that not every brand uses. These ingredients stimulate the broad effect of our products.


“Product development is primarily based on the needs of our body. We always combine the best of science with the best of nature. "

Jan-Dirk Troost – Product developper at Golden Naturals


Product weighing
A great deal precedes the launch of a new product: we test Jan-Dirk's product proposals internally with a Golden Naturals team composed of various disciplines including Quality, Sales and Marketing. We carefully weigh all aspects of a product proposal on the basis of a specially designed confrontation matrix. The advantage of the product with regard to the core needs of the user is central to this. Does the idea score an 8 or higher? Then it has potential and we will really roll out the concept. If not? Then we go back to the drawing board or the idea ends up in the trash. We only want the best on the shelves. In this way, we have built strong brands over ten years with products that deliver what they promise and make the difference that consumers are looking for.