Discount cap Golden Naturals

Discount with the Golden Naturals 2 euro cap

You probably know it: our '2 euro cap'. This cap is (almost) on all Golden Naturals products that you can buy at one of our more than 600 points of sale. It is smart to keep it safe. If you return it to a recognized Golden Naturals point of sale, you will receive a € 2 discount on the purchase of a new Golden Naturals product. Very easy, because this discount is simply settled for you at the checkout. Still a nice bonus!

Looking for a point of sale where you can return the cap?

View all authorized Golden Naturals points of sale here or enter a place name or zip code below. If there is no recognized sales point in your area or if you have any questions about this promotion, please contact us.

Redeem online?

Recently it has also been possible to redeem the discount cap online*. The "new" discount cap is now provided with a unique code, as in the image (000000). During the checkout process you can redeem the discount cap in the shopping cart by filling it in under "Received a gift voucher, discount cap or code?" You can redeem max. 1 unique code per product to be ordered. So if you order 2 (or more) products, you can also redeem 2 (or more) codes.

If you have received a discount cap without a code, you can only hand it in at a physical point of sale for the time being. View all authorized Golden Naturals points of sale here.

*online only applicable for the discount cap with unique code