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The world around us is constantly changing. This also applies to our needs. What motivates us is to continue to develop new effective products that tackle symptoms and underlying causes quickly. We would like to put these products in the spotlight. Curious?

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What retailers say about Golden Naturals

Active ingredients in the right balance ensures innovative products. And at the bottom of the line it's about the product doing what it has to do. Simple. That is why we like to hear from the various stores what their experiences are with our products and services.

Marcia Voets
Etos Schijndel

“Golden Naturals offers a varied selection with distinctive formulas, but also with" daily "vitamins and minerals. Customers regularly ask for vitamin D3 in liquid form, because not everyone likes taking a capsule. Golden Naturals Vitamin D3 drops meet that need. That is thinking along with the customer. "

Nadine van der Wielen
Drogisterij Van der Wielen

“The strength of Golden Naturals is in the special formulas. Distinctive and innovative. Products that tackle the cause by the broad composition in one product. This offers the consumer a total formula and prevents four jars on the shelf. "

Peter van Orsouw
Adviesdrogisterij Rozemarijn & Thijm

"Golden Naturals develops products based on the needs of consumers. Sounds simple, but it is certainly not self-evident and very valuable for our customers. People come back for products that do what they promise."

Veronica de Smit
Drogisterij De Pauw

“Shortly after the Golden Naturals brand was launched on the supplement market, I included it in my shelf plan. The number of products has increased over the years; after a careful start with a meter of "runners", Golden Naturals quickly gained popularity and patronage. In the meantime, the Golden Naturals range in our shop fills almost a whole cupboard. ”.

Lotte Blokzijl
DA Zuidwolde

“What is striking is that more and more people are choosing natural products without chemical additives over the well-known synthetic brands. This trend definitely contributes to the success of Golden Naturals. Moreover, the price-quality ratio, considering the composition and dosage, is perfectly fine."

Adriaan Jansen
DA Soap & Spices

“The communication from Golden Naturals is effective: the consumer who is in the business immediately sees what a product is for. Of course we like to give personal advice, but thanks to the clear information on the label, you can also make a well-considered choice yourself. ”