Our team

Golden Naturals is growing! And a talented team is of course indispensable. Enthusiastic specialists who allow our brands to grow and connect effortlessly to our corporate culture. Every day we work together to develop and improve our products. Down to earth, driven and involved. At Golden Naturals this means joining forces, working hard and celebrating success. We are proud of that!

Managing board

Werner Jentjens
Werner Jentjens Board member GNG International
Jan-Dirk Troost
Jan-Dirk Troost Board member GNG International
Ron Zwakhals
Ron Zwakhals General manager


Frank Adriaans
Frank Adriaans Logistics
Peter Brink
Peter Brink Commercial field service
Kirsten Broer
Kirsten Broer Head Marketing & Quality
Irma Crum
Irma Crum Facility Service
Esther Gerritsen
Esther Gerritsen Head of office & sales coordinator
Bas Gordens
Bas Gordens Commercial office staff
Rick van Hamburg
Rick van Hamburg Logistics
Kelly Hilbrands
Kelly Hilbrands Commercial office staff
Maurice Jacobs
Maurice Jacobs Head of E-commerce & IT management
Maaike Janse
Maaike Janse Marketing
Ina de Jager
Ina de Jager Finance/HR
Dion Koppenol
Dion Koppenol Logistics team leader
Vincent Lemmen
Vincent Lemmen Commercial field service
Ilse Potters
Ilse Potters Commercial field service
Dirk Reijmer
Dirk Reijmer Logistics
Debby Smeets
Debby Smeets Commercial office staff
Hiltje van Stokkom
Hiltje van Stokkom Quality
Peter Welten
Peter Welten Logistics buyer