Our story

The fresh look, the clear label on the gold-white packaging and the gold 2 euro cap: unmistakably Golden Naturals. That clear, solid and rich appearance symbolizes our brand. Golden Naturals is a vibrant company specialized in the development and marketing of high-quality nutritional supplements and natural care products. It is our mission to help as many people as possible to be and stay healthy in a natural way. How do we do that? We are happy to tell you!

Opt for quality

Golden Naturals has a complete and varied range that contributes to maintaining and improving your quality of life. Not an unnecessary luxury, because your living environment is constantly changing. And thus also the needs of your body. Sometimes you can use some help with that. After all, your health largely determines your quality of life. That is exactly what drives us to continue to develop new active products. Products that tackle symptoms and causes quickly. The Golden Naturals range is produced in the Netherlands and is available from selected parties, such as health stores and drugstores. In addition, you can easily order items online in our webshop from the comfort of your home.

Something for everyone

Golden Naturals is a brand line with nutritional supplements for almost every need of your body and suitable for your specific life phase and lifestyle. Whether you are young, not so young, male or female and whatever the needs of your body: Golden Naturals has the perfect products for you. From basic supplements such as (multi) vitamins and minerals to balanced natural formulas for more energy, less feelings of stress and fatigue, move smoothly and sleep better. Take the Multi Strong Gold line from Golden Naturals: this is one of the best in the Netherlands. They contain all important vitamins and minerals in a high dose in the bioactive form. "Bioactive" means that your body can immediately absorb the active substances so that they can do their job better. We have multi’s for various target groups and age categories such as Basic, Kids, Teen, Mama, Woman, Man and Senior. So something for everyone!

All our products are:

  • fast-acting and target symptoms and causes
  • extensively tested and found to be completely safe
  • of high quality: many of our products are enriched with patented substances (branded ingredients) and provided with legal EFSA health claims
  • on a natural basis and with as many bioactive and as few synthetic substances as possible
  • made for you with love, passion and care

Innovation is key

Innovation is our middle name: Golden Naturals is continuously innovating. Our team of product developers is at the heart of society and is always alert to what is going on and what is needed. Our proposition in product development is: there are sufficient possibilities to obtain nutrients from nature that promote the recovery and health of you as a person. That is why our nutritional supplements are composed as much as possible on a natural basis. We regularly launch new products and adjust our existing range if necessary. Everything in-house and entirely based on your wishes. And of course always in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, so that you can be sure of a safe product.