Quality at Golden Naturals

Quality comes first at Golden Naturals. For our customers it means that they are assured of high-quality and safe products and a continuous good, customer-oriented service. At the end of last year, we already reported on the preparations for obtaining the ISO 22000 certificate: an internationally recognized certification for food and process safety. We recently received this certification. We will tell you more about it in this blog.

The work we do at Golden Naturals is often specialized and bound by laws and regulations. We ourselves constantly monitor closely the quality of our product development and services. We work in a way that meets the highest quality requirements and at the same time is 100% in line with the wishes of customers and consumers. As befits an A-brand.

Quality from raw material to end product

“When developing nutritional supplements, it goes without saying that demonstrable assurance of food safety is essential,” says Kirsten Broer, quality manager at Golden Naturals. “Moreover, quality is not only about the product, but about all the processes around it. Think of the selection of raw materials, determining relevant dosages and sophisticated compositions and the scientific substantiation of the efficacy. With an ISO 22000 certificate, we guarantee that we as an organization meet all applicable quality requirements in the field of food and safety. It is proof that all products in the chain - from raw material to end product - are thoroughly checked and are of constant, high quality. ”

“At Golden Naturals, quality comes first. It is a challenge to exclude all risks throughout the production process. The ISO 22000 certificate is a nice confirmation that we succeed in this as a collective. ” - Werner Jentjens, General Manager Golden Naturals B.V ."

Golden Naturals maintains high quality standards

The ISO 22000 certification is not only a guarantee for the customer and consumer. It also creates awareness about (food) safety within the company. This means that hygiene is key and risks are kept to a minimum. “We set the bar high, for ourselves and for external parties we work with. For example, we are very critical in selecting suppliers who work with the best certified and high-quality raw materials, ”says Kirsten.

Continuous quality assurance

An ISO 22000 certification is not a snapshot: it requires continuous quality assurance. This is logical, because laws and regulations regarding food safety change over the years. “By means of annual audits, a reputable authority checks whether you as an organization still meet the applicable standard. For Golden Naturals this means non-stop attention to optimization of safety in production and processes. Behind the scenes, every department involved is working hard to continue to guarantee the high quality of our products, information and services for our customers, ”Kirsten concludes.

For more information about this ISO certification, please contact Kirsten Broer, quality manager at Golden Naturals: kirsten@goldennaturals.nl