Muscles, joints and nerves

To be able to move optimally, our body has a very ingenious movement apparatus. This provides support and stability. Aging, difficult working conditions, incorrect posture and even stress can cause you to suffer from stiff muscles and joints. Our fast-acting, powerful muscle products provide immediate relaxation and relief.

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Muscles and joints and nerves

Discover how a balance between good nutrition, regular exercise, and the right supplements can contribute to the health of your muscles, joints and nervous system. This page provides information and product advice to support your physical and mental wellbeing. Let's move towards a healthier life together.

Muscles and joints

Maintaining flexible muscles and joints is essential for our daily well-being. Cartilage plays a crucial role in joints and muscles by acting as a cushion within our joints. Supple muscles and blood vessels are important for the supply of nutrients and oxygen to these tissues. The support of joints helps prevent overload and contributes to our motor skills. To keep flexible joints supple and maintain muscle strength, it is important to strain certain muscles regularly and responsibly.

Specific muscle groups

A targeted focus on the different muscle groups in our body is essential for a balanced and healthy physical existence. The back muscles form the basis of our body structure, helping to maintain good posture and reduce back pain. Strong glutes are not only crucial for aesthetics, but also play a fundamental role in movements such as walking and jumping. The arm muscles, including the biceps and triceps, are important for daily tasks and strength efforts. Our thigh muscles help us stand and move with stability, while strong abdominal muscles contribute to good core stability, which is essential for posture and the back. Finally, the knee muscle, or quadriceps, is crucial for bending and extending the leg, which directly affects our mobility and balance.

Support and care for muscles and joints

To strengthen muscle strength and support joints, it is essential to prevent overload. By training carefully and consistently, we keep our muscles healthy and prevent damage to the joints caused by excessive strain.


Vitamin D plays an indispensable role in bone and joint health. Calcium not only plays a role in bone formation but also remains in the bones where it is needed. Regular exposure to sunlight can stimulate the natural production of vitamin D, which in turn benefits your bones.

Calcium and magnesium are fundamental to maintaining strong bones. This mineral plays a role in the formation of collagen, which is essential for the structure and strength of bones. In addition, calcium remains in the bones, which is crucial for their density and health. By eating a diet rich in these nutrients, we support the formation and maintenance of healthy bones.


The nervous system, including the spinal cord and central nervous system, is the command center of our body. It sends information to the brain and controls everything from simple reflexes to complex motor tasks. The peripheral nervous system plays a key role in transmitting stimuli and maintaining communication between the body and the brain. The maintenance of this system is crucial for the efficient functioning of both our motor skills and sensory experiences.

Important nutrients such as calcium and various B vitamins are essential for the health of our nervous system. Calcium plays a role in signal transmission within the nervous system, while various B vitamins contribute to the protection of nerves and the maintenance of neural pathways. The nervous system consists of central and peripheral nerves, and these nutrients support both central and peripheral nerve functions, making them essential for maintaining a properly functioning nervous system.

To move

Staying active is crucial for maintaining normal physical and mental functions. Exercise not only helps keep muscles and joints flexible, but also ensures a constant flow of information to the brain. This stimulates cognitive functions and contributes to better coordination and responsiveness. By exercising regularly, we ensure the health and efficiency of our body and mind.

This information forms the basis of our understanding of how muscles, joints and nerves work together to keep our bodies healthy and moving. By being aware of these aspects, we can make effective choices in our daily activities and promote our long-term health.

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