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Vitamin K2 45 mcg & D3 25 mcg
vegetarian tablets
Golden Naturals vit K2 45 mcg en D3 25 mcg 60 tabl GN-582

Vitamin K2 45 mcg & D3 25 mcg

Golden Naturals
vegetarian tablets
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The Power of Combined Nutrients for Veins and Circulation

Discover the combined power of essential nutrients aimed at supporting your veins and circulation. In a world where we are constantly seeking ways to maintain our well-being, our carefully crafted supplement offers an approach that focuses on the health of your blood vessels. This product contains a blend of Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, and OPC, providing a holistic approach to support you.

This is not just any supplement; it is a precisely formulated formula that aims to provide versatile support for your body.

  • For Smooth and Strong Veins: Supports the flexibility and strength of your blood vessels for optimal circulation.
  • Good for Circulation: Ensures the supply of essential nutrients and oxygen to your body cells.
  • Good for Calcium Regulation: Ensures smart distribution of calcium to your bones and teeth while keeping your veins clean.
  • 45 mcg Dosage: Suitable for those using anticoagulant medications without compromising effectiveness. (but always consult a doctor)
  • Fivefold Action: Benefit from the synergistic advantages of five super ingredients that target different areas.
  • Gold Standard with the Most Effective Forms: We use only the most effective and pure forms of each nutrient, such as VitaMK7® for Vitamin K2, to ensure unparalleled quality and effectiveness.

Why Vitamin K2 Together with Vitamin D3?

Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 are two indispensable nutrients that work hand in hand when it comes to calcium regulation in your body. Vitamin D3 is essential for the calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood and aids in calcium absorption from food. Once in the body, Vitamin K2 helps direct this calcium to the right places, such as the bones and teeth, and prevents calcium buildup in the walls of blood vessels.

Calcium is a type of building block your body uses. Naturally, you want these building blocks to go where they are useful, like your bones and teeth. However, you don't want them to accumulate in places where they can cause problems, such as your blood vessels. If that happens, your blood vessels can become less flexible.
This supplement is designed to address this issue. It helps your body direct calcium building blocks to the right places, giving you strong bones and teeth while keeping your blood vessels smooth and healthy.

Through this "smart distribution" of calcium, you benefit from the best of both worlds: strong bones and clean, flexible blood vessels!

Superior Forms of Vitamin K and D

Various Forms of Vitamin K
Vitamin K can exist in two main forms: K1 and K2. Vitamin K1 is mainly found in green leafy vegetables and is primarily used by the liver to promote blood clotting. Vitamin K2, on the other hand, is found in animal products and fermented foods and has a wider range of health benefits.
K2 further comes in various subforms: MK-4, MK-7, MK-8, and MK-9 are the most well-known. MK-7, the form in this product, is scientifically considered the most effective. It is not only better absorbed but also remains active in the body for a longer duration due to MK-7's long half-life, which means it stays in your system longer to do its good work.

Different Forms of Vitamin D

Vitamin D also exists in different forms, primarily as D2 (ergocalciferol) and D3 (cholecalciferol). D2 is found in plant-based sources, while D3 is primarily found in animal sources. Additionally, D3 is produced by the skin when exposed to sunlight.

It's important to note that D3 is generally more effective than D2. This makes it a superior choice for most people, especially in regions with limited sunlight.

Why 45 mcg K2?

In the vitamin supplement market, you will find a wide range of dosages for Vitamin K2, ranging from 45 mcg to 200 mcg. The choice of a 45 mcg dosage in this product is ideal for those seeking a maintenance dosage or for those using anticoagulant medications. This dosage provides enough K2 to still benefit your blood vessels and bones.

Why Gnosis' Patented Vitamin K2?

This product, Vitamin K2 45 mcg & D3 25 mcg, contains Vitamin K2 from Gnosis in the form of VitaMK7®, known for its high purity level. It provides more than 99% of the active form of K2, ensuring a product free from contaminants and with guaranteed effectiveness. Furthermore, VitaMK7® remains stable even after being stored at room temperature for several years, allowing you to rely on the long-term efficacy of the supplement. 

Vitamin C for Strong Blood Vessels

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is good for collagen formation. Collagen is a protein that is essential for the structure of your blood vessels. With an adequate amount of vitamin C in your system, you can count on maintaining strong and flexible veins and a strong vessel wall.

The Role of OPC

Last but not least, oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) are plant compounds that are beneficial for circulation. Healthy circulation is essential for delivering nutrients and oxygen to all your organs and tissues.

A product that combines these four essential nutrients offers a versatile approach to supporting the health of your blood vessels. From managing calcium in your body to promoting healthy blood flow, this supplement can be a valuable addition to your lifestyle.

Disclaimer: In accordance with applicable law, Golden Naturals is limited in providing complete information about the applications of this supplement. We are required to adhere to the claims regulation, which means we only have permission to make health claims for certain ingredients. For any questions, always consult a qualified healthcare professional or your doctor for personal advice.

Health claims are ongoing

Item code: GN-582
EAN code: 8718164643866
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Contents 60 vegetarian tablets
Composition per daily dose (= 1 tablet): %DRI
Grape seed (Vitis viniferae) extract
standardized at 40% OPC
mg **
Vitamin C (Calcium-L-Ascorbate) 12 mg 15
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol from wool fat, 1000 IU) 25 µg 500
Vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7, vitaMK7® Gnosis) 45 µg 60
BioPerine® (Piper nigrum L. extract) 3 mg **

DRI: Daily Reference Intake
** No legal DRI established
µg = mcg

filler (microcrystalline cellulose), herbal extracts, vitamins, calcium L-ascorbate, anti-caking agents (vegetable magnesium stearate, talc), glazing agent (cellulose), firming agent (glycerine), thickener (hydroxypropyl cellulose).

Suitable for vegetarians.
Free from
celery, crustaceans and molluscs, egg, fish, gluten-containing grains, lupine, milk (including lactose), mustard, nuts, peanut, sesame seed, soy, sulfite

This product is a nutritional supplement. A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Use and dosage

Take 1 capsule once a day with water during a meal. Both vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 are fat-soluble vitamins, meaning they are best absorbed when taken with fats. In general, dinner contains the most fats, so it would be ideal to take the capsule during dinner.

The capsule may be opened if you find it difficult to swallow.

Do not exceed recommended daily amount. Not suitable for children, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. Consult an expert before use in case of illness or medication.
Storage advice
Keep cool, dry and closed. Keep out of reach of young children.
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