Clean your body, feel fitter and also lose weight naturally: detoxing is good for your health, increases your energy level and reduces vague symptoms. This thorough cleansing of the body has a positive influence on the state of mind, which makes you feel strong and energetic again.

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A detox cure: something for you?

After the holidays, at the beginning of a new year and before or after a holiday with lots of good food and drinks: all moments when many people need a detox cure or detox diet. To cleanse the body or to lose some pounds. A detox cure or a detox juice cure is a popular method to lose weight (faster) and/or to remove toxins from the body. It cleanses your body, you feel fitter and also lose weight. In short, a detox cure, possibly in combination with detox pills, is good for your health, helps your energy level and reduces vague ailments. And did you know that thorough cleansing of the body also has a positive influence on your mood? Reason enough to read more about it!

What is detox?

The word 'de-tox' literally stands for the removal of waste products (toxins) from the body. That has to deal with a lot on a daily basis. Think of stress, poor nutrition, alcohol, smoking, air pollution and drug use. Fortunately, our bodies are naturally able to process a large part of those toxins. Our liver takes care of that. This smart and essential organ 'cuts' toxins into small pieces and ensures that the waste is excreted via the kidneys, bladder and intestines.

Detox pills, detox cure or detox diet?

The secret of health and vitality: balance! As soon as your body is out of balance, you will feel it. There are countless detox pills, but a detox cure or detox juice cure are also good ways to help cleanse the body. This resets your body, as it were. Your organs can do their job optimally again and nutrients are absorbed better. People who want to lose weight through a diet would do well to do a detox cure first. That way, a diet has a faster effect. Prefer detox tablets or capsules? Scroll down quickly to read all about it.

The phases of a detox cure

Are you considering doing a detox cure? Counseling from a therapist can then be of added value. He/she can give you tailor-made advice and recipes for during the cure. A standard detox cure usually consists of three phases:

  1. the preparation phase (5 days): in this phase you will gradually reduce your normal diet.
  2. 2. the cleansing phase (4-7 days): juice fasting with vegetable and fruit juices or easily digestible food.
  3. the build-up phase (5 days): in this last phase you will build up again with healthy food.

During this treatment it is important to schedule sufficient (rest) time for yourself. A sauna visit, yoga/meditation, a walk in nature, a good night's sleep. That way you not only cleanse your digestive system, but your entire body and mind.

What is a detox juice cure?

A detox juice cure (also known as a detox juice cure or 'juice cleanse' ) is often part of a more extensive cure/approach to start living a healthier life. A juice cure is a cure in which you drink only healthy, nutritious juices for a number of days in a row. And so eat nothing! There are also juice cures where you do not drink fruit juices, but only drinks such as water and (herbal) tea. Taking a detox juice cure can help you to promote weight loss or reach your goal weight. But above all, the aim is to remove toxic substances from your body. Do realize that a detox juice cure must be absolutely temporary and can only form part of a healthy lifestyle. This also includes a conscious and healthy diet.

Do you want to buy detox pills?

It is smart to use supporting supplements during such a detox cure. There are many detox pills on the market, both capsules and tablets. Golden Naturals has some effective products that support the body by activating and supporting all 'cleaning organs' in the body. They act as a body cleansing cure and have a rich recipe of choline in combination with plant extracts such as boldo and dandelion. You can easily order detox products on this page. Would you rather go to the store for personal advice? An overview of all points of sale with our products in the range can be found here.