Vitamin K2 & D3: the golden vitamin duo!

Vitamins: how many can you name? It will be no secret to you that they play an important role in the proper functioning of your body. But do you already know vitamin K? The strong combination of vitamins K2 and D3 is becoming more and more known. Both vitamins enhance each other's activity ('synergy'). In this blog we will tell you more about this special 'marriage'.

Vitamin K2, unknown but oh so important

Most people are familiar with vitamin A up to and including E, but for many vitamin K is still relatively unknown. Unjustly, because it is indeed important. In particular vitamin K2. Vitamin K contributes to proper blood clotting, aids in the absorption of minerals and calcium in the bones and contributes to the maintenance of strong bones. Vitamin K is one of the few vitamins that our body makes itself. Some of the vitamin K you need every day is made by the bacteria in your large intestine. Now it can sometimes happen that this own production is not sufficient for your daily needs. Fortunately, you can supplement it with food and possibly with nutritional supplements.

Vitamin D3: the sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D3 is an important vitamin that we mainly get from sunlight. Sunlight is converted into vitamin D through the skin. Unfortunately, the Dutch sun's rays are only bright enough for five months a year to 'absorb' enough vitamin D. A supplement can provide any supplement. The health-promoting effects of vitamin D3 are countless. For example, it supports your resistance and maintains your muscle strength. In addition, it ensures an increased calcium absorption in the bones, which in turn contributes to the maintenance of strong bones.

D3 & K2 combined

Vitamin D and vitamin K are essential nutrients for your bones. That's how it works: both vitamins are important for the transport of calcium from the blood to the bones. First of all, vitamin D ensures a good absorption of calcium from food. In addition, it ensures that calcium ends up in the right places in the body and is properly absorbed. This is important for maintaining strong bone tissue. Vitamin D also stimulates the production of vitamin K-dependent proteins. Vitamin K is responsible for the transport of calcium from the blood vessels to the bones and also for the formation of bone tissue. To prevent unwanted calcium build-up in the kidneys and blood vessels, 'calcium distributor' K2 ensures that all the extra absorbed calcium ends up where it is functional: in the bones.

Golden Naturals Vitamin K2 200 mcg & D3 25 mcg

This product from Golden Naturals contains patented vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7, vitaMK7 ® Gnosis) and vitamin D3 from wool fat. Golden Naturals uses the highest bioavailability forms in supplements, which is why this product contains vitamin K2 in its bioavailable form: menaquinone-7. The added vitamin C is important for maintaining a good condition of the blood vessels and supports the maintenance of a strong vessel wall. In addition, it contributes to the maintenance of flexible and elastic veins.

OPC from grape seed

An herb that has a beneficial effect on blood circulation * is OPC from grape seed (Vitis viniferae) extract. OPC ( oligomeric procyanidin ) is an antioxidant that the small intestine absorbs and then transports throughout the body. OPC is active in our entire system: stomach, liver, intestines, brain, heart, spleen, kidneys, lungs and skin. In addition to the beneficial effect on blood flow, OPC enhances the activity of vitamin C and vitamin E.

This product is not suitable in combination with blood thinners: vitamin K can reduce the effect of medicines. Consult a doctor before use in case of illness or use of (anticoagulant) medication.

Vitamin K2 200 mcg & D3 25 mcg in short :

• contains a generous dose of high-quality vitamin K2 3 (menaquinone-7, vitaMK7 ® Gnosis) and vitamin D3 2 (cholecalciferol from wool fat)
• contains vitamin C 1 (calcium-L-ascorbate) and grape seed extract 4 (Vitis viniferae) standardized at 40% OPC
• beneficial for elastic veins 1
• supports the maintenance of a strong vessel wall 1
• contributes to bone formation and the maintenance of strong teeth and bones 1,2,3
• aids in normal blood clotting 3
• good for blood circulation 4*
• promotes a good calcium level in the blood, is good for calcium metabolism and increases calcium absorption in the bones 2
• good for the cell division process and plays a role in tissue growth and development 2
• has a positive influence on the immune system 2
• contributes to the absorption of minerals/calcium in the bones 3